If your car is Land Rover Range Rover from year 2003 to 2004,then this 2 din 7 inch Car DVD for Land Rover Range Rover can perfectly fit to your car.What is 2 din?Regular vehicle stereo console merchandise, 178mm in width cannot be changed, plus the height may be 50mm or 100mm. Generally, 50mm within the 1 DIN, 100mm is definitely the 2 DIN. Should you should replace the host after you converted the car or truck stereo, you should base on the size of the installation space to pick the host. Naturally 1 DIN space will not be suitable for double din dvd player navigation, and 2 DIN space may be installed in one particular double din player or 1 din dvd. If only set up using a 1 DIN machine on the two DIN space, then the remaining space is often covered used by the panel.

Built-in GPS navigation system
mini USB and SD card.Support DIVX/MPEG/DAT/MOV/VCD/XVID/MP3/MP4/WMA/JPEG etc
AV input and output, support rear camera input,automatically switch to rear camera when revese the car
Build in Bluetooth for hand free (Coming Tel No. display function & Call out directly by touch screen)
Uniquely designed circuitry including standby function to increase battery durability
With excellent mechanical anti-vibration and electronic shock protection
Night Mode support.Close display and enjoy music in the background,protect you for driving at night

Regardless of classification (single DIN, DOUBLE DIN, 1.5 DIN, etc.), the stereo’s depth is unique for each model. The installation may require some customization if your vehicle has a relatively shallow cavity. Though you may wish to perform custom installs, it is always wisest to choose a model that will fit your car perfectly. Check out our fit guide to find out what will exactly fit your vehicle. This will save you a lot of time, money.

Below accessories are highly suggested: 1,2GB SD card which used to storage GPS map information. 2,TV antenna,in order to promote the TV clearly. 3,Monitor Reverse Radar,reverse car’s Radar can show by alarm. 4,Headrest monitor,it’s useful for the back people to watch DVD,TV,FM, and so on. 5,Infrared Headphones:listen to music matching headrest DVD.

Put your fingers into the loops at the end of the tools and take the stereo from the dashboard stereo dock. Disconnect the stereo wiring behind and the antenna cable.Slide the installation sleeve together with the aftermarket stereo deck into the empty stereo dock. Run the 2 stereo wiring connectors and antenna cable from the rear of the dock to the front of the  dashboard. Connect the stereo wiring connectors with the wiring harness adapter leads.

Land Rover Range Rover DVD Navigation is a very amazing electronic device for the people when they go on an outing with the car. In this way, they can keep entertained and enjoy the whole journey. With the 2 din 7 inch Car DVD for Land Rover Range Rover Navigation we can also do a lot of things, too. It makes our time on the road no more boring and tedious and we can really enjoy the quality time. How wonderful and enjoyable it is to utilize the DVD Navigation. So it is of great necessity and essence for you to get a car DVD Navigation installed in your beloved vehicle.

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