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A Benz really needs to get a w220 radio. We usually really need to hear something’s voice as we are in a vehicle, especially in an excellent car. Imagine that, driving through the avenue, feeling the oxygen funning you face, just how can this moment deficiency of the gentle melody coming from a w220 sat nav? Considering that it is simple to get a w220 aftermarket stereo, don’t you want to buy one?

Built-in analog and digital TV in w220 sat nav, supports DVB-T/ATSC-MH/I-SDB-T, ect, satisfie users’ needs for mobile digital TV, like, news, economic, sports, ect. The w220 radio can receive social news and entertainment information at realtime, to enrich users’ daily driving life, that is why w220 aftermarket stereo receives a lot attention from auto end users.w220 aftermarket stereo dvd gps radio tv bluetooth

W220 radio is high sensitive, its signal will not likely easy to be influenced during driving. It can receive FM/AM frequency without operating, it also could keep 32 broadcasting channel, you won’t hesitate there’s nothing good to hear in car. As a result of high-definition touchscreen display, you are going to have wonderful watching experience in your vehicle.

W220 radio’s 3D navigation system, can display you more information while you driving. The smart voice navigation technology can not only remind you the direction to the spots, w220 aftermarket stereo also can remember the route that you often travelling to. W220 sat nav system even is able to play music during navigating, then you’ve got items to spend time when there’s a traffic jam.

It is a vedio introducing w220 aftermarket stereo? And perhaps you like to get to know a lot more about w220 radio, if you’ve questions and tips on this w220 sat nav, we are gladly to hear from you.