Radio system is one of important part of the car, we apply it every time. Driving car with no radio system must be terrible, especially on a long drive, how can we relax and keep away from tiredness and boredom of the journey? On the other hand, we also need a reliable navigation system to help us. Therefore, there should be a multifunctional car radio head unit for our vehicles.


Once you decide to change the factory car radio, you can find lots of decent aftermarket radio system, as well as installation tutorials. The following is an upgrade guide for a 2014-2018 Mercedes Benz C Class radio, you may learn something about it if you have the same car model.

Detailed steps to upgrade your 2014-2018 Mercedes Benz C Class radio

To remove the factory radio and install a new one by ourselves, we should do some preparation including preparing tools like plastic pry tools, screwdrivers. Besides, it’s necessary to cut off the car power to ensure safe work.

Take a look at the original radio system.


Step 1, Use a pry tool to pry up on the speaker cover that is right behind the car screen.


Step 2, Use screwdriver to remove two screws that are holding the bracket in place for the stock screen.


Step 3, Slide out the old screen and disconnect the two plugs on the back of the bracket.


Step 4, Press to open the armrest box near the handbrake, then use a pry tool to remove the silver trim piece


Step 5, Remove the two screws


Step 6, Then lift up on the center console and set it aside


Step 7, Remove two screws that fixed the original radio unit


Step 8, Pull out the original radio unit and remove the connections


Step 9, Connect cables of new touchscreen radio system to the car plugs


Step 10, Connect the original radio unit to the car via the new wiring cables, and install it back to the dashboard


Step 11, Connect and place well the AUX connector


Step 12, Install back the center console


Step 13, Install the new bracket (used to stabilize the new screen) , pull the new cable ports (used to connect the new car screen) go through the new bracket, then fix the new bracket well


Step 14, Connect the new screen to the car


Step 15, Fix well the new screen


Step 16, Install back the speaker cover


Step 17, Now you can turn on the car to test the new Android radio system


Introduction of Seicane H857 Android Car Radio for 2014-2018 Mercedes Benz C Class

No one can deny that with a quality car radio in our Benz vehicles, the drive will be better. While in this guide, we choose the Seicane H857 Android Touchscreen Car Radio with GPS for our car. The product offers a variety of advantages.

Excellent configuration

This radio is equipped with 10.25” IPS touchscreen, Android 10.0 system, 8-core CPU, 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM, providing us with smooth operation and stable performance. On the other hand, there are various Android apps can be downloaded and stored in the radio, they would make your drive more fun.

Enjoy the coolest music

With this advanced car radio system, you are able to connect it to the Internet via 4G and WIFI network, access to the Internet at a high speed. Just turn on your music app, to get the newest and coolest songs. And by setting DSP, enjoying perfect sound effect.

Phone connections

It’s easy to connect your phone to the radio by Carplay/Android Auto and Bluetooth, so as you can apply phone applications freely. For example, you can use phone navigation with SIRI control, make Bluetooth hands free calls to keep safety on the road etc.

There are many benefits by using this large touchscreen radio. Invest it to your car now.


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