In modern society, cars are an important part of us, and sometimes we spend most of our time in cars. For many people, in order not to make their time in the car boring, they will plan to modify the car to add various functions to improve entertainment. And the most popular modification is the installation of aftermarket car radio systems as they are more multifunctional, convenient and easier to operate than the factory radios.

Recently, my brother just shared me with his awesome experience of using Seicane bluetooth car radio in his 2014 Suzuki SX4, and he told me that he installed the new radio totally by himself.


Since I have a same car and fed up with the old radio, last month, I decided to buy the Seicane car radio which really won’t disappoint you after using. In this post, I’d love to share the installation guide here.

Part 1 Important tips about the installation

  • Make sure disconnect the power before the installation.
  • Prepare a lever and a screwdriver before the removal and the installation.
  • During removal and installation, keep all the separate parts from the car.

Part 2 Steps to install the 2013-2016 Suzuki SX4 Bluetooth Car Radio

1 Pry the indicator light with a plastic knife and disconnect the connector at the back of it.


2 Remove the air vent with a plastic removal tool.

Remove the air vent with a plastic removal tool

3 Remove two top screws that are holding the radio.

Remove two top screws that are holding the radio

4 Gently take out the original radio.

Gently take out the original radio

5 Disconnect the connectors and cables at the back of the radio.

Disconnect the connectors and cables at the back of the radio

6 Check all the accessories for the new Seicane car radio.

7 Connect the harnesses to the back of the new radio.

8 Connect the Seicane car radio to your original radio’s plugs.

9 Turn on the Seicane car radio to have a careful check if everything works well. If it doesn’t, please check whether all the cables are connected correctly.

10 After testing, put the new car radio into the dash.

11 Put everything into their original place. And the whole installation is done.

Part 3 Enrich in-car life with the new Seicane car radio

The 2013-2016 Suzuki SX4 car radio from Seicane, with exquisite interface and higher configuration, is up-to-date enough for you to replace your factory radio.

With it installed in your beloved car, you can enjoy various music and radios. Besides, you can go anywhere with the help of the turn-by-turn direction and voice prompts provided by the 3D built-in GPS navigation system of high precision. On the other hand, thanks to the Bluetooth technology, both hands-free calls and streaming music are available as long as you connect your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone with this remarkable radio.

More over, the radio is touchscreen, offers you with IPS full screen view and able to support 1080P Video Player, rear view camera as well as DVR.

If you are planning to upgrade your factory car radio, Seicane is good choice.



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