Android Car DVD for Mazda 3 Fit to these cars:
Mazda 3(old)(2004-2009)

Quick Overview

Fit to: Mazda 3(old)(2004-2009)
GPS yes Radio yes 3G Net yes
DVD yes Bluetooth yes WiFi yes
Network TV support Ipod yes Camera opt
USB/SD yes Rearview yes Digital TV opt

Car DVD Player offers front-seat riders can watch the video. Factory or aftermarket radio unit development includes a built-in screen. Screen size 7 inches wide. It can be used as a screen, a GPS system information, and absorption of other units in the vehicle.Most of the receiver is the strongest one of the things you can control, audio / video equipment for the next zone. You can have a single audio / video device in a vehicle (eg, head-mounted display, or cushion shown). They can even with their wireless headsets. Some other cool thing is that you can add to your Playstation 3 or Xbox game, how the controller to the recipient, you can send audio and video signals from a variety of vehicles field. This means that the driver and front-seat rider, you can still enjoy the radio or CD horn.

Usually the original installation CD or tapes in the car, and when not in use to show it can be hidden in the military body to protect the glass surface wear and tear.Portable: owners to develop their personal vehicles. It needs to be fixed in the car, only to rely on special devices such as Android Car DVD for Mazda 3 in the car cigarette lighter, at any time in the car, see large.Big screen: it is well on the market, as many high-end cars, such as nissan navigation, from the host and display one of the first wife, the car also play a role in landscaping, visual impact is very good. It is generally used for high-end car.

Android Car DVD for Mazda 3 Highlights:
Strongly 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A9 Dual-core processor
Android 2.2 operation system
3G network real-time online,7.2M fast internet
1080P video HD decode
Support One Key navigation
support self-help internet navigation: GARMIN,IGO8,NAVIONE,MAPBAR,HUAWEI etc.
Google Map + Real-time Traffic
Support Google Voice navigation

The car DVD can also bring far more convenient for the driver. Due to the fact all Car DVDs support the rear camera input and will automatically turn to the rear view when reversing a car or truck, this makes back a car extra protected and hassle-free. Mounted in the auto, some car DVD models support reversing camera input. That implies you are able to connect the reversing camera with all the player to ensure that you are able to clearly view the real predicament in
the car or truck on the auto dvd player monitor.

Android Car DVD for Mazda 3 Online Functions:
1. Android thousands of application software can be downloaded at all times: Games,Guidebook,Making friends,Navigation and so on.
2. Online Music: Listen to the newest music at any time: KooWo, the latest music software and so on.
3. Online book reading and listening: storytelling,speech sounds novels,to be with you all the time
4. Online radios: listening to the radio stations from all over the world
5. E-book reading: TXT, LRC (Word/PDF/FB2/EPUB, the third-party soft wares should be installed)
6. Voice chat: hand-free chat, Cross-distance voice speaking

This Car DVD is custom for Mazda 3, which is inspired by the original car design. The special power connect cable will complete your installation with ease. You can enjoy the music you like, listen to the radio or watch movies whenever you travel. Have more fun if you add a car earphone together. The built-in GPS and Dual zone function will offer you the safe and enjoyable driving. The unique built-in parking Rear view system input will either protect your necessary reversing. There is also the a/v-out built in it.Surely this Android Car DVD for Mazda 3 will be your best choice to use this car entertainment system while traveling with your partners.

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