A Benz definitely ought to add a w220 radio. We usually have to hear something’s voice when we’re in a vehicle, especially in an excellent car. Look at it, driving within the avenue, feeling air flow funning you face, how could this moment lack of the gentle melody from your w220 sat nav? Since it’s easy to put in a w220 aftermarket stereo, why not have one?

w220 radio may possibly be linked to Ipod to find out quantitative data, so a w220 sat nav user can directly control his Ipod by touching a w220 aftermarket stereo’s screen, all the Ipod’s function may not be useless.

w220 radio contains a high-sensitive digital FM/AM and strong and stable signal, supports automatically search FM/AM frequency. A w220 aftermarket stereo can remember 32 broadcasting station, that will definitely meet your demands for a variety of styles of music. Basing on w220 sat nav’s legible high definition TFT LCD touch-screen, it’s got functions more that providing you with music–gives you an excellent watching environment. which gets image of 800 * 480 pixels, that creates the lifelike quality image.


Have you ever planning to visit some places while finally stop just for being unsure of the way to there? Just one benefit can’t be ignored from w220 radio is that: it is able to search the closest way for you to the spot you never visited. So you don’t need to abandon the idea of going anywhere, just put in a W220 sat nav system, and head to anywhere you’d like to, and remember, along your driving on the street, switching on w220 aftermarket stereo, just enjoy the journey.

This is the vedio introducing w220 aftermarket stereo? Or perhaps you wish to learn a little more about w220 radio, if you’ve any questions and tips on this w220 sat nav, we are gladly to hear from you.

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