Car dvd navigation system will be the virgin car maker to have bigger fixed military in this way. The bmw-x1-sdrive20i-navigation delivers you safety and effectivity when you will need it essentially the most. Actually also towards the Car or truck DVD Navigation there are actually a lot of interesting and comfy Cool Gadgets for you and make you to enjoy the life and love the moment whenever you use them.

bmw-x1-e84-2013 gsp sat nav replace the BMW X1’s storage cabinet with an 8 inch screen head unit along with volume button (no should dismantle the original auto??¡ê¡ès CD, no DVD function).And it may match towards the vehicle BMW X1 E84 from the 2009 year and 2013 yr.

This car gps navigation is specific for BMW E84 X1 from year 2009 to 2013.It could match to these automobiles: 2009-2011 xDrive28i(N52), 2010 sDrive18i, 2010 xDrive18i, 2010-2011 xDrive25i, 2011 xDrive28i(N20), 2011 xDrive20i, 2011 sDrive20i, 2012 sDrive28i, 2012 xDrive35i and so on. No need to cut the original cable, just plug and play, this unit can pass the BMW Maintenance Technique, uncomplicated installation.

Whenever your auto is bmw-x1-e84, don’t hesitate to obtain BMW X1 E84 navigation systems currently at this website located at Seicane!

1. We adopt the latest ARM11 to create high functionality multimedia car or truck DVD using the functions of navigation, audio&video, entertainment and etc.
2. It has more video decoding capabilities, maximum support 1024*768, with MP5.
3. RAM 256??¡ìo?Support hard disk 500G and HD map.
4. Support Sanyo 6 Disc DVD Changer (optional)
5. GPS navigation function:SiRF Prima, CPU: ARM11,800MHZ ,WinCE6.0
6. support original car reverse track(can???¨º?¨¨t support if original car don???¨º?¨¨t have)

Following relates to the installation instruction for this :
Step . 1
Visit your aftermarket car retailer and uncover the proper model for the automobile model. It’s not as complicated as you expect. Most of the navigation systems perform perfectly as long as you choose the ideal model. You wouldn’t neglect your automobile brand and model. Correct? It’s not undesirable to buy on the web. But be certain the shipping time and contact the service tracking your goods from time to time.
Step two
Once you receive the In-Dash Car or truck DVD Player, prepare the screw and get able to install. To begin with, unscrew the screws around the, each sides of one’s axis console coat. And then eliminate the crux console cross in the auto. Then Pull out the old radio and disconnect the wires meticulously. Be sure that spot the components within the appropriate spot. Otherwise, you’ll be able to easily drop these gadgets.
Step three
Probably the most crucial step is to remove the CPU.Some kits could have a CPU mount that you can screw into spot. Then you definitely should really mount the tentacle towards the turn with the console under the windshield. There’s an adhesive strip around the underside. It’s essential to to make use of it to spear onto the curve in the dash as close to exactly where the windshield meets the dash as you are able to. Run the wires provided in the CPU towards the receiver plus the navigation item. And after that block the rope yoke in to the back of navigation element.
Step four
Slide the Toyota Corolla Car or truck DVD Navigation into the dash. You should be careful. Don’t disconnect any the wires. Following screwing the seat console instance back into location; it is possible to encode the In Dash Car DVD Player logic. You’ll be able to do that by the abuser handbook instruction.

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