GPS systems have a broad-spectruns. A GPS tracking system tracks packages or shipments. Shipping companies use tracking GPS systems. Personal GPS systems help those lost drivers to find their destination. GPS systems will also direct the driver around traffic jams and save a lot time during the commute time. There are no tools involved to install a GPS in a car. Installation only takes a few minutes. A GPS is a useful investment for those who travel frequently. To install a new car DVD player for your own car is not a big deal, but many people may think about the question how to update the navigation software? As the technology is of rapid development, so constantly update the naviagtion syetem software for your car DVD player GPS navigation is very necessary. So, how excactly to update the car naviagtion system software? Here, i’ll take Audi A4 2013 as an explame to explain the update method for the navigation software.

Update precudure:

Step one:

1.Find a suitable navigation software.

How to know whether a navigation software the proper one?

Screen resolution fitness. (This is important)

Resolution matching is the most important, such as your navigator resolution is 480 * 234, 480 * 272 may not be used or 800 × 480 version of the navigation software. If the resolution does not match the navigation software, will appear scrat, overflow screen, not full screen, black screen, button dislocation, even can not start, start the error or the phenomenon of death.

How to know oneself navigator resolution? Three kinds of methods, very simple:

<1> read the instructions. All products will be stated in the specification of general description.

<2> to manufacturers or dealers to ask.

<3> use of software testing. Resinfo and Navi examine are   test software is good, the two software download and introduced, at the end of the paper will focus on the paper.

2, system version matching. (this is not very important, most software is compatible with the full version)

Step two:

Download and install

Download channel, believe me, no need to say more, but search the Internet bubble forum, etc.. Source or a lot, a first step towards understanding the content, it is not difficult to find a suitable navigation software. We usually look for other software but is this a few methods. But the navigation software is quite special, special is the place where the file size is too large. The general software, a few megabytes, tens of megabytes to almost the same, The navigation system mostly is about 1.5G, the maximum has reached about 5G. This and the amount of data is directly related to, but with the continuous increase in map information points, believe that the volume of software will be huge. This software is not on a web site space, but is uploaded to the Internet professional SkyDrive space available for download.

Step three:

Decompress all understand, is the decompression software, combined perhaps some people confused. A navigation software is divided into two parts of the main program and map data (map data is also called “mapping”, some netizens nicknamed “rabbit”), many downloads will be the main program and map data are published as two links. This is because, with a navigation software with the use of map data, the main program for different versions of the same version and, vice versa, such as the earth, 800 x 480, 480 x 272, 480 x 234, 320 x 240 these resolution navigator to correspond to four Rucker main program, and map data you can use the same, so publishers, only released a map data, four main program on the line. Reuse that can make the resources, saving the upload time, and everyone to download the same map data, according to the P2P principle, also improve the download speed, for the benefit of both uploads and downloads.

Step four:

Set port speed. (very important)

1, the test port and speed: generally a navigator of the port and speed are fixed value, installed in the navigator on the navigation software is required by this value is to ensure that the received satellite signal. Port and speed by NAVI examine to test out, of course, there are some other test software is available.

2, set the port and rate: method of navigation software port and speed settings are different because of the different software. Some of them are very simple: for example, Kelid is to modify the NAVICONFIG.txt class file, modify the comm_config.txt file. Some are very complex: for example, the German high need to use sixteen hex editor to modify the Plugin.dll file, Papago need to use sixteen hex editor to modify the PaPaGO.exe file. Some are not set: for example, Route 66 port and speed are adaptive, without their own settings, navigation software will automatically find

Step five: Setting the navigation path.

The path navigation path is the navigator operation navigation software, essentially making navigator know which executable program is run the main program navigation software, the main program file suffix usually is.Exe. Navigation path set is divided into three types:

1.A navigator only installed a navigation software. The most simple, general navigator settings have navigation path settings, the path to the executable file.

2.A navigator with multiple navigation software. The first installation of multiple software, and then the navigation path navigation to the multi software executable file, at last set multiple software to the navigation software executable file. So open the navigator will first open multiple software, through multiple software can choose a specific navigation software to open.

Step six: Test and use.

The above steps are done, if true, you can use. The normal running of the program, the star, not normal, do not jump star drift, accurate positioning is normal.

The following vedio is about the car DVD player naviagtion for Audi A4, view it and you will get to know the device clearly. More information you can also visit:

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