As more and more people start to equip their car with DVD player navigation, in order to keep up with the trend, you may heartbeat by this. So, you decide to buy a fashionable car DVD player and you go to the shop and see various kind of DVD navigation and be confused. The reason why you confused about may be that you are not understand the product at all. Therefore, before you go to the shop, it’s very necessary for you to do some little homework. You can refer to the following internal parameters for car DVD player navigation system for Audi A5(2008-2013) . More information about the device you can visit: .

First, the internal accessories of all-in-one DVD navigation as follows:

1. Movement, mainboard, baseboard.

2. The navigation module.

3. The Bluetooth module.

4. LCD and touch panel.

5. Radio frequency.

The heart part of the mainframe are: movement, mainboard and baseplate

Second, The basic principle of all-in-one DVD navigation.

There are two parts when talk about from the lr laser read data,Video and audio processing (image) processing of two parts

1. Audio processing.

General mimic panel audio processing characteristics: front audio output voltage is generally between 1.5 V – 1.8 V, this type of audio output voltage is not meet the requirements of the power amplifier audio input, general power amplifier is above 2 V, the level in Europe is in more than 3 V. So host mimic panel can not added power amplifier, if added will generate the cause of the noise. Listening with the original car’s speakers, the sound quality can’t compare with the original car CD players, not to mention the stand or fall of quality.

2. Video processing part

The key of Video processing is the definition. At present, a lot of manufacturers claim their products are digital screen, the screen resolution is 800 x480 = 800 pixels, analog screen resolution 400 x234 = 93600 pixels. This can only mean this product adopts the digital screen or mimic panel, does not represent the real resolution of the host, or pixels (clarity). And this process is completed through the host board and baseboard of the video signal.

(1). LCD digital screen’s technical parameters.

a. The distinction between high color and true color screen is that the price is not the same, the price of true color is higher than the high price of color screen.

b. The brightness of the display parameters is generally from 250-500, the brightness is above 450 can be classified as car Car gauge panel. That is to say, it can be used in the car, and under the bright light can clearly see the image.

c. The touch-pad’s basic distinguish. Reflection and non-glare (reflective is can prevent glare)

d. All digital screen resolution is 800 x 480 – this limit can never be reached, only infinite close to, the key is to see the video signal transmission circuit, digital circuit.

(2). Digital circuit design and transmission.

Digital signal of the vehicle display is use: red, green, blue three kinds for color transfer, there are eight primary colors of each color, can also be interpreted from the host read laser disc, at the end of the input to the LCD screen to ensure that the signal is 3 b* 8 = 24 primary colors. This is the digital circuit, the transmission way of all kinds of digital signal can’t be lost. Digital screen using a digital circuit is of 24 primary digital circuit design, and then transferred to the screen of the signal.

3. Radio turner. At present market, there are more and more manufacturer of radio high frequency head reflected that the radio signal is not good, has the current sound and noise, the main radio tuner anti-jamming ability is weak, it mainly because of the radio frequency head price.

Now as the price of the original car or shape is differ, in low-grade cars, when use after may install cameras, camera will not work or a flashing phenomenon, the main reason is that the original car of lamp power supply is not enough, did not reach the host need 12 v voltage. And some cars taillight voltage is only 8 ~ 10 v (mainly ashkenazi car), cause the host could not be started normally. The above video is about the car DVD player navigation for Audi A5(2008-2013) , take a look, it will provide you a better visual experience.

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