At present, there are more and more car DVD player navigation products on the market, which may make you feel confused when you need to purchase a new one for your loving car. You may desperately need to know the purchase tips for your car. Generally, the purchase tips is no big difference for different. The following passage is talk about the purchasing tips for car DVD player navigation. That may help you when you need to buy one for yourself.

1.Estimate its basic configuration (hardware is of good quality is guaranteed). First for DVD navigation, it is need to meet the basic functions of the DVD. It depends on the movement skinhead, which involves music, sound, audio quality and the sound quality deeply affect DVD. A good DVD uses a dual optical drive , that is, DVD, CD optical drives. Be sure to ask before you buy it, you need to compare multiple DVD players, choose the best one. Generally the price is relatively high the sound quality is higher, the owner can choose a best value for money.

2. The second is the images and Machine proportioning. There are two kind of DVD navigation screen, one is the simulation screen, now a relatively rare, another one is a digital high-definition screen. Now DVD navigation are generally 800 * 480 pixels, and generally there are two cases, (1). an analog electronic circuit + digital screen,(2). digital screen + digital circuits. The first case is that there is aberation and can not reach 24 true color, usually 16-18 bit true color, while the second is almost close to 24, that is, when we look at the screen it will be more clear. When buy DVD navigation the best choice is to select a dual-core model, which is dual-core CPU with two separate processing system. And the two CPU can not interfere with each other at work, which can ensure the accuracy and efficiency of navigation. Before we buy the car DVD player navigation, we need to have a basic understanding of the DVD navigation device’s function, if you encounter some products do not have the basic functions in a timely manner to navigate and do not buy this product, because mostly they are fake products, whichcan not be prolonged used, but also particularly vulnerable to damage. Users frequently need to repair, thus wasting a lot of energy and money.

3. Depends on it’s basic functions (whether all the functions can meet your needs). You need to figure out the DVD navigation’s basic functions, such as DVD player / radio / SD card / USB / Bluetooth / Rear view camera / GPS / AV input / party control settings.

4. Peculiarity: Only with peculiarity, can the device embody the owner’s taste. Compare with similar products to find out what the difference is. When compared with other brands if there are some other differences. For example, whether the movie Playback can play 1080P HD decoding, whether it support for 5.1 channel audio conversion, whether it possible to listen to music when playing APE lossless music, and whether it can swim 3G networks. Whether the navigation can supported 3D photo navigation, the background color of said light is stepless adjustment, radio acceptance is not there we will be able to understand the Chinese see the radio function is not to have a sound e-book reader, when precise GPS automatically granted, is not supported by large-capacity mobile hard disk information, we are now most people are used in smart 3G phone, the battery is not enough, is it possible to charge the phone, and so on, if there is a navigation are available, and that it is very suitable for our needs.

It’s not hard to buy a car DVD player navigation, the hard point it’s to choose the best one for you. View the following video, you may find the unique of the car DVD navigation.

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