Nowadays, car DVD player has become one of the most common in-car entertainment systems, and many car owners prefer to install the car DVD by themselves as it is convenient and cost-effective. However, some car owners have little installation experience of automotive equipment. In such case, the dvd player may appear some problems after you finish the installation. Among Car dvd Problems and Solving Ways, the black screen and white screen faults are usually two common problems of car DVD player.

If It appears black screen when you start up the DVD Player: Firstly, detect that whether the power supply voltage is normal and check that whether the wiring has a short circuit. Second,take out SD or GPS Map cards installed into the SD slots and reset the DVD player, then start the player again and see if it is normal.

DVD Doesn’t Play Consistently in DVD Player?Subtitling can sometimes cause a DVD movie not to play correctly on a car’s DVD player. Make sure that subtitling is turned off in the DVD player’s settings. Also check that other settings, such as brightness and contrast, are at normal levels.DVD Screen Doesn’t Come Down?If the DVD player has a drop-down screen that doesn’t work, check to see if the fuse has blown. If it has, replace it with a similar model and then try turning on the DVD player again. You can also try turning off the car and then starting it again in case the battery wasn’t supplying enough power for the DVD player.

Unbolt the stereo from the dashboard using the 1/4-inch ratchet and socket. Unplug the wiring harness from the dashboard and the antenna lead with your hands as you’re pulling out the stereo. Then, place the vehicle-specific dash kit into the dashboard using a 1/4-inch ratchet and socket and slide the cage that comes with the double-din head unit into the dash kit. Secure the cage to the kit using the flat head screwdriver to push in the tabs on the cage and pressure fit the cage to the kit.

A DVD player installed in a car requires a remote control to access its features. A malfunctioning or lost remote that comes with the DVD player can be replaced with a universal remote. The universal remote can be purchased at a drugstore or hobby shop and will access all of the DVD player’s features once it has been programmed.

If you need to throw in a DVD for the kids while on a trip to the grocery store, you might not need a car DVD player that is very sophisticated. But if you do guided tours and show a video during the tour, you’ll want a car audio in your car or tour bus that lets your clients know that you are a professional. Look at the available models on the market. Check all the options such as screen size, CD and MP3 playability and sound system integration technology. Also be sure to check the compatibility with your car’s electrical system.

DVD video discs are now commonplace as a form of consumer media. Many vehicles, especially vans and SUVs, now include built-in LCD screens dvd player for passengers to enjoy. Over the years since DVDs were first being put in cars, DVD standards changed a bit and sometimes this can cause problems in certain DVD players. But a DVD can have the same problems playing in a car that it might have playing elsewhere.Check your car manual to determine what type of DVD disks your car’s DVD player can play. Older DVD drives may not support rewritable DVDs. If you are burning the DVDs from your computer, your dvd player may not be able to read them even if they are not rewritable.

Play your DVDs in other DVD drives and stand alone DVD players to see if you have any problems. This Car dvd Problems and Solving Ways will help you determine if there is an issue with the DVD player or if there is an issue with the disk.

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