Thanks to the navigation system, now we will never lose wherever we go. If you often drive the car to everywhere, you need a navigation system you can trust. There is no any problem if your car comes a nice radio navigation system from the factory, but if not, also don’t worry, there are quality aftermarket car radio navigation systems you can opt to upgrade the factory one.  gps-navigation

As we can see, some cars are still equipped with old-fashioned radio that isn’t touch screen, can’t watch video, no mention to display navigation and reversing images. For convenience and enjoyment of quality life, installing an aftermarket car stereo navigation system become the best way.

Being one of Citroen C4L owners, I have never regretted to upgrade its factory radio, now I can enjoy a joyful in-car life with my family.

The removal and installation steps for Citroen C4L radio system

For convenience and safety, you’d better prepare tools includes plastic pry tool and screwdriver, and cut off the car power during the whole replacement. Following comes the steps.

Step 1, Remove the plastic baffle under the radio system.


Step 2, Use a plastic pry tool to remove the A/C outlet.


Step 3, Take off the two trim panel around the original radio screen.


Step 4, Remove six screws which fixed the radio system.


Step 5, Take off the radio and unplug its connectors.


Step 6, Remove the two screws that fixed the host, then take off the host and unplug the connector.


Step 7, Remove this frame that fixed the host.


Step 8, Check whether all the accessories of the new car stereo navigation system are complete.

Step 9, Corresponding connect the cables between the new car stereo system and the car.

Step 10, Now you can turn on the car to test whether the new stereo is working normally.

Step 11, If there is no problem, fix well the stereo and all the car accessories.

Superiority of aftermarket car radio system with navigation

  • Large display.No one can deny that we keep a more comfortable mood when seeing navigation information or videos in a 8 by 11 inches Thanks to the touchscreen feature, we can check the route situation just with fingertip click.
  • Combine navigation and entertainment. This is one of the super functionsof aftermarket car stereo  Integrated with audio output with navigation, you can still enjoy listening to music as you make your way towards your destination.
  • Increasing driving safety. It’s true that making the Bluetooth calls when driving helps lower accident since drivers needn’t loose their hand on the steering wheel control. Apart from this, many car stereos are designed with camera support ports, that means you can add backup camera, 360° camera etc. to the unit, to keep a easier and safer drive.
  • Adaptability.There are some navigation units that are specific to various vehicles of different years, but there are also many universal units that you can adapt to a variety of platforms.
  • Adding value to the car. The innovative and multifunctional car stereo navigation systemadds more value when you decide to sell the car. For most buyers, they tend to choose cars with good navigation system, even such car is a little

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