Actually, getting my first car is a little hard, so I cherish it very much and keep it maintained regularly. It’s a 2009 Honda Civic (LHD), since I purchased it, I used it for work, picking up children to and from school, as well as road trips. For us, the car is one of the important family member.

The Honda Civic has been with us for 7 years, there were more or less breakdown in some parts, but we got them repaired in time to avoid inconvenience. Besides, to enrich in-car life, especially during road trips, we also upgraded some parts of the car, and last month, we just replaced the factory radio for a new one to ready for our coming summer trip. Below is the replacement guide.

Car radio replacement instructions for 2006-2011 Honda Civic (LHD)

I purchased the new aftermarket radio system from Seicane and finished the replacement job with my kids, hoping to enhance their interest in DIY. Before the installation job, make sure you have tools like plastic pry tool, screwdriver in hand and cut off the car power for safety. This picture shows the original radio.


Step 1 Use the plastic pry tool to pry the small board under the radio system, and remove the two eight millimeter bolts of the plastic trim.


Step 2 Carefully pull out the panel under the steering wheel.


Step 3 Remove the screws that fixed the whole top panel, then pull out the whole top panel and unplug its connector.


Step 4 Pull out the original radio unit and unplug all the connectors.


Step 5 Check the cable accessories of the new Seicane car radio GPS system.


Step 6 Remove the HVAC control board, air outlet and related accessories of the old radio panel, and install them to the new car navigation radio.


Step 7 Remove these white and black small chips of the original head unit, then install them on the new radio unit.


Step 8 Correspondingly connect cables between new car radio navigation system and the car.


Step 9 Turn on the car to test whether the new car radio unit functions normally.


Step 10 If there is no problem, fix the new radio in the dashboard, and install all the panel accessories in their original positions.


Comparison of Seicane car radio navigation system and factory radio

As you can see the first picture, the factory radio is the old-fashioned and button-operated radio which only has simple functions. It can’t meet our continually increasing needs in entertainment and driving safety. For example, with such a factory radio, how can we make hand-free Bluetooth calls? Where to display navigation? And how to reverse easily since there is no reversing images to see? While the Seicane car radio helps us more than these.

Firstly, with the 10.1 inch HD resolution touchscreen, we get a large and comfortable vision when operate the Seicane navigation radio system. The high configuration such as intelligent pure Android 10.0 operation system, 8-core CPU etc. keep a fast and smooth operation and stable performance. In terms of entertainment, this radio gives you the ability to get the latest albums of your favorite singers and watch various interesting videos online.

In fact, the primary reason we want to upgrade the factory radio is to get navigation and reversing assist. Now with this amazing Seicane car radio system, we arrive to destination quickly and have no trouble to reverse.

If you are planning to upgrade your Honda Civic (LHD) radio, give a try for Seicane.


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