Do you hate the factory stereo in your old BMW vehicle? Upgrade it with GPS navigation stereo system. In Seicane, you’ll get an easy to install, plug-and-play touchscreen radio for your 2001-2008 BMW 7 Series E65/E66, and here is the guide of how to install an upgraded Android radio head unit in the BMW 7 Series E65/E66.

The picture shows the original car dashboard (stereo system).



Step 1, Pry to open the front cover plate of the stereo screen, then remove the cover plate.



Step 2, Remove screws that fixed on the top of the stereo screen, then pry to remove the car screen and unplug its connector.



Step 3, Remove screws that fixed the A/C outlet panel; Pry to open the outlet panel from the side of co-pilot.



Step 4, Take down the whole A/C outlet panel structure and unplug the connector.



Step 5, Remove screws that fixed the original main unit, take it down and disconnect its plugs.



Step 6, Pry to remove the metal sheet on the back of the original stereo screen, then disassemble the screen and frame, and unplug the cable.



Step 7, Use new cable to assemble the frame on the new car screen.



Step 8, Connect new wiring harness to the car plugs, then connect new screen and original main unit to the car.



Step 9, Start the car to test whether the new Android car stereo system can work normally, if there is no problem, install all the car accessories back; if there is something wrong, check whether the cables are correctly connected.



Features about this 2001-2008 BMW 7 Series E65/E66 stereo system

  • Come with an exquisite 8.8″ IPS touchscreen which is easy to use and very friendly for your eyes to see everything on the display.
  • It supports 4G and WIFI network. Once you connect the radio to the Internet, you can download different interesting APPS, surf the Internet, watch on YouTube etc.
  • The Carplay function gives you the safe way to use phone on the road. Just connect your phone to the radio with Carplay USB dongle, then the radio will act as the phone, you will be able to use phone functions such as to dial, to navigate, to play music etc.
  • What’s more, it supports original camera and aftermarket camera. With a backup camera installed, you won’t have trouble to park and revers the car.

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