According to many years’ working experience, car DVD player navigation is the simplest IPC, and can also regard as a big PDA with simple functions.

1. Most all-in-one car DVD player use WINCE ARM system

2. The internal parts of this product are: mainboard, CPU, RAM, ROM, display chips and audio chips.

3. The better product of this type is the Auto PC, and provides hard drive, which replaced RAM/ROM, while the rest is the same.

4. The software that developed on the operation system. Almost all the all-in-one car DVD player in the market offer variety of language options, but it lack of technical content, and the export price of the foreign countries is very cheap.

Different all-in-one car DVD player navigation system equipped with different operation system, such as win97, win 2000 and win xp. So, how to distinguish the quality and cost performance of such device?

1. Whether it use multi-core processor. The best way is see whether other program can be operated while open the navigation. The disadvantage of the early single-core processor is that when you use the navigation, you can not listen to the radio, or play DVD and CD.

2. The Bluetooth protocol version number and whether it support A2DP or not.

The outdated Bluetooth protocol can make the signal lost and speaking unsmooth when the cell phone connected with the navigation. While the bets advantage of the A2DP is that it can play all the audio which support Bluetooth through the car DVD player. No practical use, but feels good.

3. Whether adapt the digital panel. There is no big difference with the touch screen, the key point is the display chips.

4. Whether it has external port, such as USB port, AUX port.

5.  How many loudspeakers can it support? It’s a pity that the lower-middle all-in-one device can only support 4 loudspeakers. If the loudspeaker is more than 4 and you do not want to lose the media effect, then you have to buy another power amplifier to connect the GPS navigation or spend a huge money to buy a better all-in-one device.

6. Support malfunction steering wheel control. Along with the development of car technology, more and more lower-middle cars can support steering wheel control.

7. GPS chips. The kind of chips directly determines the quality and the speed of the satellite search, and it is an important index.

8. Extended function and software port, such as tire pressure monitoring and whole vehicle fault information gathering.

Pleasing to the eye and the convenience. The important embodiment of the pleasing to the eye is that whether the panel was added or fully fashioned, and

9. whether the color of the background light is in the same style with the original car.

Now, after my sharing, you must think there is no longer   mysterious with car navigation. And you must want to know more about the products, click here , you will find many wonderful products here just like the one in the following video.

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