At the beginning of this article,do you know how to install 2006-2012 Toyota Rav4 radio gps navigation system?

Buying Toyota cars series is becoming a hot fashion in our daily life,maybe just because driving this kind of car relatively speaking  can save more than other cars.

Whatever the reason is,how to remove the original CD player and install dvd player is the main problem that we faced with.

Here is a picture of And next part are 12 steps for this installtion, but please remember to disconnect negative battery terminal before you start any work, or it can be dangerous.


1. use an automotive tool to remove the upper dashboard trim panel,set the panel aside that was removed

2.gently lever the air conditioning vents on the left and right-hand sides of the factory touch careen unit away from the dashboard

3.pry the clock display gently and hazard lamp panel away from the dashboard and set it to the side

4.take out the four retaining screws attaching the factory touch screen unit to the dashboard

5.gently pull off the touch screen unit from the dashboard and lean it forward to gain access to the wiring harnesses on the reverse side

6. unplug the touch screen by disconnecting the individual harnesses

7.totally removed dashboard

8.After this,connect dvd player’s cables to right wires

9.Let the dashboard back to its place and firm screws once removed well

This is the installation guide for Toyota Rav4 navigation system.If you meet other issues in this process, you can visit related websites or ask the workers of the market for help,for example:   .After all these, you must have a general idea about mount of car radio, at that time you can set out to do by yourself.

You’d better pay attention to the following tips to ensure the security:

1. Before you  begin your work make sure that you have done the parking series

2.In case of data corruption, please don’t pull out the CD card of GPS

3.Please don’t shorten or lengthen the GPS antenna to avoid short circuit or antenna problems

4.Please try to protect touch screen well,without using things except touch pen for prolonged usage

If you are not sure whether to upgrade your stereo radio,you can have a look at this video and you will get more information about the installed player and then you can make your decision:




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