At present, with the improvement of people’s living standard, more and more people pursue more entertainment. With the car being an ordinary thing for human’s life, Car DVD player navigation is also an absolutely necessary equipment for car owners. After spend a lot of money with your car, most people may think about to install the device by themselves. It a more meaningful and economical method. But how to install must have no clear knowledge about how to install this device. Here, I’d like to share something about the installation of car DVD player.


1. The first step is to remove the cap of the car DVD player, and then disconnecting the battery or remove all those components inside the car. While you doing this process, you need to be careful and stripping the positive and negative cables which connected to the battery.

2. Remove the car stereo.

Find the fixed screws in the car stereo and remove them so that you can easily remove the car stereo. In order to access to the stereo, some parts of the panel may need to be picked off. By doing this, you must be very careful to split the wires between the car and the stereo.

3. Connecting the wire harness.

In this step, you need to finish the layout of the wire harness which behind the dash with plastic wire ties. Be careful and make sure that that the wire does not interfere with each other and keep safely operation of the vehicle.

4. Place the location for each components and power connects.

Now, you need to find the best location for each component. Remove the panel to finish the layout and conceal wires.

5. Insert the car DVD player.

Use a kit head unit to connect the DVD player to the dashboard. Because different car has different dashboard, so you need to make sure the head unit you choose is proper for your car. Then, insert the DVD player navigation to the head unit.

6. Install the navigation module.

Like an external amplifier, the installation method is no difference here. You need to find a good location for it.

7. Wiring the system.

You need to connect the unwired end of the wiring harness to the back side of the panel of the car DVD player. Then, connect the car’s antenna cable to the rightful input location on the panel of the DVD player.

8. Insert the DVD player into the dash carefully and test the power system.

After the wires are connected between the DVD player and the car, you can insert the DVD player with the installation kit and tap it into the dash. Use the screws to fix the dash which you removed. Reconnect the battery cables and make sure they are secured. After you finished installing the DVD player, you can start the car and see whether the device can work normally.

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