Many car owners think that the built-in car navigation and AV products can perfectly match while driving. And nowadays, the car audio navigation has become the basic options for their car. But with the widely application of this device, the problems of the car DVD player navigation and audio-visual products has increased. This make many consumers got a question here: Are those car navigation and audio-visual products can guarantee their safe while driving?

car DVD player and audio system

car DVD player and audio system


1. Hidden danger one: The battery overheating.

Recently, the global line of Garmin GPS navigation manufacture announced to recall millions of car GPS navigation and offer free battery exchange which because of the battery overheating. Thereafter, the China manufacture begins to exchange the GPS navigation for some models in China market. What the influence will the overheating battery bring? The answer is that the signal will be very poor, and more serious could cause explosion and cause fire. Are you still daring to use these products? Those common electronic products such as computer and cell phone, the battery use length is very important for the safety. Because many consumers seek to buy those cheaper products with poor quality, the battery products of the navigation products is always worrying.

audio system for car DVD player

audio system for car DVD player

2. Hidden danger two: The piracy map.

According to the country’s regulations about car DVD player GPS, the products must use the identified electronic map by the national specialized agencies. But those GPS navigation with standard electronic map is often very expensive because of the huge investment.

3. Hidden danger three: The big radiation.

When choose a car DVD player GPS navigation, do not just simply consider the cost. Last year, the AQSIQ aimed at the GPS navigation with a large-scale spot check. And they found Flyaudio, Roadrover and some other famous GPS navigation brand’s radioactivity range is out of the standard level. In fact, there are many less known car GPS player navigation in the market and because of too much radiation harassment they are disqualification. Radiation disturbance means the intensity of electromagnetic wave that launched by electronic products is beyond the regulation limitation. Generally, if the intensity of electromagnetic wave is too high, the users may get headache, insomnia, memory deterioration and some other negative effects after using the product for a long time.


In China, the traffic laws does not affirmative disclosure the car DVD player GPS navigation and car audio products is forbidden. So, the operation frequency is a little high in our country. In act, electronic products that connected with our life such as cell phones, laptops and TV have potential dangerous just as the navigation system. Because of the improper use habits, the dangerous situation can not be avoided. If we want to make the car DVD navigation become a safe product, the first thing we need to do is that let the users operate the device in the right way, then in this way, the dangerous probability can be reduced. When use the car DVD player GPS navigation, safety comes the first, so the user must carefully read the disclaimer and precautions for use first when starting up.

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