Look at the image below, it’s appealing, isn’t it? That’s the latest 2010-2013 Great Wall Hover H3 H5 car stereo from Seicane with a lot of practical features which include GPS navigation, DVD player, FM/AM radio, Bluetooth music, Bluetooth hands-free calls, TV, WIFI, 3G, USB, SD, etc.

2010-2013 Great Wall Hover H3 H5 car stereo

2010-2013 Great Wall Hover H3 H5 car stereo



Besides, it can support a lot of useful options like digital TV, mirror link, DVR, backup camera, OBDII, etc. What’ s more important, you can still keep the functions of your steering wheel control after installation. It is of great convenience for you to directly adjust the volume or answer phone calls by clicking buttons on the steering wheel when you connect your mobile phone with this stereo. If it’s the first time for you to use a new car stereo, you may be confused at how to set the steering wheel control. Here I’d like to share the method with you.


After you install this Great Wall Hover H3 H5 car stereo in your car, please turn in on. Then enter the setting interface. You can find out the steering wheel control item by using the scroll bar. Then go into the steering wheel control interface where you can see a lot of icons. Then you reset the steering wheel control. After that, long press each button on the steering wheel and click related icon in the setting interface. Once the setting is successful, you can activate the icons in the setting interface. Then you are able to use the buttons in the steering wheel control for the activated functions.


The functions of the steering wheel control make it possible for you to keep your hands on the steering wheel and stay focused on the road ahead to answer phone calls, which makes you safer all the way. To enjoy the steering wheel control function, you can upgrade your factory radio with a new car stereo. If you are looking for an ideal car stereo for your 2010-2013 Great Wall Hover H3 H5, you are recommended to check out the following link which is about an excellent Great Wall Hover H3 H5 car stereo from Seicane, please click:




This Seicane Great Wall Hover H3 H5 car stereo comes with a large 8 inch multi-touch screen with 1024*600 pixel resolution to simplify the operation and provide the great viewing for you to enjoy your favorite videos on the big screen. And you can arrive at your destination on time with ease with the help of the most accurate guidance provided by the GPS navigation system. Bluetooth hands-free calls and Bluetooth music are accessible to you for safety and pleasure as long as you have a mobile phone with Bluetooth feature.


Just enjoy all your trips with this intelligent Seicane Great Wall Hover H3 H5 car stereo in your car! It’ll be your perfect road companion all the way. Good luck to you!

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