With GPS navigation system in it? Yes, but also support 3D GPS map. With normal disc play in it? Yes, but also with Sanyo heat-resistant DVD loader. With analog TV in it? Yes, but also digital TV as options. With all but not only the functions that mentioned above, CAR DVD player for BMW 3 series E91(manual air-conditioner) with GPS、radio、TV、Bluetooth is in the way that was expected one of our bestselling CAR DVD player.

You might think that the favorable price made it our bestselling product. Yeah, you are right in some way and you know the price is really special.(you know I’m kidding, but it’s in special price now.) However the main reason that made it popular is the perfect fit of functions and appearance.

6.2 inch 16:9 800*480 digital high definition TFT LCD touch screen

White button contrast to black appearance, shows classic and fashionable at the sametime

car dvd

Car DVD player for BMW 3 Series E91(manual air-conditioner) with gps radio tv bluetooth

For you’re curious about how to play with this CAR DVD player, click the button to find more interesting information of it.

After watching this video, I just want to tell you if I have this CAR DVD player, I might leave my mobile phone 、Ipad、Mp3、Mp4、Mp5, etc. at home or anywhere else. Because my CAR DVD player can fill all my needs that those every single electronic product does. I might dial someone to tell him or her that I just watched a movie and impressed by a song in it, then I listened to the radio and the radio happened to broadcasting that song and I just sent the song to him or her by air with the calling function in the CAR DVD player. If you don’t believe that, how about let me go to you by using 3D GPS map now. Believe it or not, this could be my best tour ever and this kind of tour will last forever.

For more information, please click :http://www.seicane.com/car-dvd-player-for-bmw-3-series-e91-manual-air-conditioner-with-gps-radio-tv-bluetooth-srd-8819-1

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