It would be confused that how to make your car stereo original and outstanding if it’s not. Every car has an original car stereo with it. Most of them would be CD players, some would be DVD players. It’s very considerate for car owners who want to enjoy entertainments in car.


However, original car stereo cannot fulfill car owners’ need, even cannot fulfill passengers’ need, too. At this moment, car owners want to upgrade or replace their car stereos but worry that new in dash car DVD player may cause damage to car or the maintenance. That’s the reason why you are reading this text, to find a way to make your car stereo upgraded but looks like original, and what’s more, outstanding.


Something you should know before you upgrade your car stereo. There are two different kinds of in dash car DVD player on the market, the universal in dash car DVD player and the vehicle-specific in dash car DVD player.


Universal in dash car DVD players are in two size, 1 Din series and 2din series. 1 Din car DVD is 50mm height, and 2 Din car DVD is 100mm height. If you choose a universal in dash car DVD, you should check the height of your car player position before you buy one.


The vehicle –specific car DVD player will indicate in the product title the model of car for which it is designed. You should check the produced year of your car first. And according to your experience, sometimes the same car come with different factory CD player, even that they have the same name, year and model but from different countries. So, check the photo of dashboard correspond with each product in the product description page, if it’s the same with your car stereo dashboard, it fits to your car, if it’s not, then, find the one which fits for your car.


Take in dash car DVD player for Mercedes Benz C class W203 for example, you can see whether it fits your car directly, and if you are still worry this, you can check the form to confirm precisely.


Android 4.0 Car DVD player GPS Navigation System for Mercedes-Benz C Class W203(2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005) C180 C200 C230 C300
GPS yes Analogue TV yes Radio Yes IPod Yes Digital TV opt WIFI Yes
DVD yes USB/SD Yes Bluetooth yes Rearview yes Camera Opt 3G Net yes


More information can be found on website:

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