Benifit from bluetooth in Hummer H3 aftermarket radioHummer H3 stereo upgrad’s Bluetooth technology uses scientific digital signal processor and language equipment, maximum delete cacophony and echo, letting both sides can enjoy a high-quality phone talk environment. Nowadays, with the developing of navigation technology, Hummer H3 aftermarket radio with Navigation merchandise is abundant. It really is practical to put in a automatically navigating system for the car.

Wireless system in Hummer H3 aftermarket radio, driver can regulate his phone without touching the phone, even his hands can remain on his steering wheel. When working with Bluetooth, the song and phone information in mobile can be read, then you can certainly hear anything you like, when you want to cut off a song, just touching the screen as a substitute for taking out a mobile phone, then head drop, pressing the mobile phone’s screen repeatedly, how boring it can be?

Hummer H3 aftermarket radio fits to Hummer H3(2006-2009), for Hummer H3 users, the initial screen’s function is quite limited, they complained that the original screen almost turns into a decoration for vehicle, and then they finally could have sellers in auto Dealerships or auto remodeling factory upgrade the car to obtain additional functions, yet it spend much money if you’ve got someone to add one, you can do it yourself.

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