We’ve been acquainted with in-dash Global positioning system, they may be changing all of the time and the new features are nonetheless continually added to these systems. a auto dvd unit might be also called as automobile dvd model or GPS auto dvd unit. Most of in-dash DVD players are depending on GPS, vehicle stereo system system, FM radio programs, Wireless bluetooth device as well as other much extra functions. In-dash GPS models ordinarily function a sizable show, which may be an ideal selection for drivers who difficult to view the compact displays clearly.How do you realize about this Automobile Dvd player GPS for audi a4? It can be the ideal Auto Dvd player GPS navigation device for audi a4

the audi a4 navigation system match to these vehicles:
Audi A4 2008.ten
specifics http://www.seicane.com/audi-a4-2008-2012-head-unit-dvd-player-gps-navigation-system-with-bluetooth-tv-ipod-si-9105

the whole navigation, connection and amusement method contains a 7 inch indash car DVD with GPS and optional DVB-T. the auto stereo comes with GPS, CD/DVD, Bluetooth, USB, and SD card slot, and features a built-in DVB-T tuner to receiver tv. In the event you genuinely need to make your time joyful in the car, you’ll enjoy 7 inch indash Auto DVD GPS for audi a4. And also you will really feel pretty great with all the indash car or truck DVD player, which comes with GPS and DVB-T receiver.
Many automobiles have steering wheel control within the original CD radio player. after you would like to replace the auto radio replacement with DVD player, you may need to determine the steering wheel control may very well be utilised or not.For the vehicles with all the can bus, it???¨º?¨¨s possible that a number of the steering wheel handle function can not cooperate with all the can bus 100%. That???¨º?¨¨s mainly because the can bus is really a little unique in the different nations. As an illustration, the opel automobiles are various in China, in outlook and inside, plus the original electronics method. According to the feedback, a few of the ope vehicle DVD players can not operate really effectively using the steering wheel handle and computer system. For the other models, which include car DVD gps player for mazda 3, bmw , they are working well.And for audi a4,it may operate properly as well.

audi a4 2012 dvd gps
Important functions:

Gps navigation
1. Wince six.0 operating system,samsung 2451 high speed mcu.
two. Built-in 64m ddr2 sdram,max speed to 667mhz.
3. SirfIII secondary planet incept module;position accuracy to 5meter,
four. 20 channel gps receiver
5. Can supports igo/tomtom/router66/papago?-?-map of your globe.
six. Dual zone function,can navigation and hear music simultaneously.

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